Pappy Boyington Field: A Campaign to Honor a Hero

Marine Corps League Pappy Boyington DetachmentMembers of the Marine Corps League Pappy Boyington Detachment standing in front of an AV-8B Harrier with Pilots from VMA-211, the Wake Island Avengers, at the official Airport Naming Ceremony.

This documentary film was Written, Produced, Directed, and Filmed by Kevin Gonzalez. He served a four-year enlistment
in the U. S. Marine Corps, and then graduated from the University of Southern California.
The Editor of the film is David Lane, of DJL Media Productions. He is an experienced commercial and broadcast editor, who earned his B.A. in Film Production from Keene State College.
The film is presented in widescreen, and is 65 minutes. 
The DVD is available now, and it contain a Bonus Features section with Director's Outtakes scenes, a special tour of
the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum, and a presentation
about the Pappy Boyington Memorial Fund.

Director's Statement

"One does not undertake a story about a Medal of Honor recipient without a tremendous sense of responsibility to the subject. 
I was inspired by the many Veterans involved in the campaign, because they are heroes in their own right.  In the film I've tried to capture the essence of what a Medal of Honor recipient means to people, and how that sentiment fueled their resilience in this fight.

How many towns can say that a Medal of Honor recipient was born here?  It seemed like such an innocuous issue on the surface,
so I couldn't understand why there was a controversy.  I then decided to document the story as it unfolded, not knowing how long
it would continue or how it would end.  There are many themes I explore in this story, but at its core, the film offers a unique perspective on local community activism.
The struggle against bureaucracy seemed universal to me whether a community wants to honor a Librarian, a Fireman, or in this case a Fighter Pilot...the people should have a voice in a decision about a public commemoration."
Kevin Gonzalez
Veterans appearing in the Film
Don Glovick, Gunnery Sergeant-USMC (Retired).  The films Narrator, he is a Vietnam Veteran, serving three tours.  In his career he also served tours as both a Recruiter and also as a Drill Instructor.
Garth Haddock, Captain-USMC (Retired).  He flew the F4U Corsair in WWII.  He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for bombing missions on Shuri Castle during the Battle of Okinawa.  He received the Purple Heart after receiving injuries from a Japanese Kamikazee attack on their Carrier, fortunately for his shipmates, the Kamikazee's 500lb. bomb did not detonate.
Roy Weaver, Gunnery Sergeant-USMC (Retired).  In 1940 he volunteered for duty in the Philippines, and after the attack on Pearl Harbor in the early stages of WWII, his unit was captured by the Japanese Army.  He spent three years as a POW in Mukden, Manchuria.
Isidro "Zeke" Ortiz, Sergeant-USMC.  During WWII he served in VMF-122 and VMF-214, both squadrons commanded by Major Greg Boyington.  In the film he provides a unique perspective as an enlisted ground crewman for the Black Sheep Squadron.
Robert Rohrscheib, Master Gunnery Sergeant-USMC (Retired).  He was part of the invasion force on the island of Iwo Jima in 1945. 
As the Commandant of the Pappy Boyington Detachment, he made the official presentation to the County Commissioners.
Robert Hunt, Quarter Master Chief-USN (Retired).  In Vietnam he served as a gunner and boat commander on a river patrol boats,
and as a leading Petty Officer on Swift Boats.  He is an active member of the Disabled American Veterans at the state and local levels.
Josh Callihan, Corporal-USMC.  The youngest veteran in the airport naming campaign, he served in the 1st Marine Division for OIF I.  After receiving life-threatening injuries, he was medivacted to Walter Reed Medical Center, where he had the unique distinction of receiving his promotion to Corporal in person by General James Jones, then Commandant of the Marine Corps.
Mark Fuhrman, Sergeant-USMC.  He is a Vietnam Veteran, retired LAPD Detective, Author, Talk-Radio Host, and frequent Guest Commentator on FOX News.  His radio show interview of Ollie North about the airfield naming campaign is included in the film.

In Memorium
It is with much sadness that I announce the passing of Veterans who appeared in the film:
Michael McFall was an integral part of the detachment's Airport Committee with a chief executive level corporate background, he produced the official presentation materials for the airport naming proposal.  He contributed countless hours of service to the community through his volunteerism.  In January 2009 he passed away, and will be greatly missed by his family and friends.
Garth Haddock is featured in the film as a Marine Corps Fighter Pilot who flew the F4U Corsair in WWII.  After his service in WWII,
he returned to Idaho to raise a family and build a successful business.  He was one of the founding members of the Pappy Boyington Detachment.  As a well-respected member of the community, his contribution to the airport naming campaign was invaluable. 
He answered final roll call on February 27, 2009.
Roy Weaver was a tireless volunteer for many activities of the Pappy Boyington Detachment.  He was a member of the Airport Committee for Detachment, and instrumental in the airfield naming campaign.  He would share his experiences as a Prisoner of War during WWII with youth groups, students, and Veterans; and despite all he had been through as a POW, his philosphy on forgiveness was inspirational.  Gunny Weaver passed away on October 16, 2010.

Robert Rohrscheib, Master Gunnery Sergeant-USMC (Retired).  He was part of the invasion force on the island of Iwo Jima in 1945.As the Commandant of the Pappy Boyington Detachment, he made the official presentation to the County Commissioners.  His career in the USMC included tours in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.  He passed away in June 2014, Semper Fi.


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